It begins.

It all began with a pair of heels. 

It seems silly, I know - to make one of your goals to wear more heels, but I was two years into marriage with Farmer, and things were slightly less than spectacular. You know how it goes - high school sweethearts, white picket fence, hundreds of acres of corn and beans that have a much higher payoff than being home with your new wife at 5 pm. 

I had so much to learn about farmwife life, and about the 400th time I heard "you knew what you signed up for," I realized wishing for him to change wasn't going to change a thing. Yet somewhere in the missing him and hating him, I knew I truly loved him in all the ways I always had.

On top of it, I had used these twisted emotions to eat my feelings into a size 16+ and spent enough time in a tanning bed to mimic an October corn field. I wanted to feel better not just about our life and our future, but about myself and what I brought to the table. After all, what was it that he had signed up for?

I needed a pick-me-up, and no 40-minute acrylic manicure would cut it this time. So, as I sat down alone one night in my office on the second floor of our tiny two-bedroom bungalow in Smalltown, USA, I wrote out a list of goals and from seemingly nowhere - and certainly not out of my closet at the time - there it was:

1) Wear more heels. 

Since that day, I have worn, sworn and swayed in more heels than I could likely count. I walk more smoothly in a pair of pointed-toe stilettos than a worn-in pair of Nikes. They've been everywhere from corn fields to soccer fields, and every board room in between. 

Now 10 years into marriage with Farmer, those extra few inches aren't just something I lust over - although I must admit I still do. They happen to be a part of me at this point, a part that over the details of the last few years have become worn, tired and somewhat left behind in the dirt this life has uncovered. 

We'll get more into that dirt as time moves on, but what you should know about this space is that it's real. It's for everything from farm life to fashion week. We'll talk about the house and the heart, the ordinary and the extraordinary. The easy, the hard, our chickens in the backyard (ok, ok, my mother-in-law's backyard).

And while I may not have truly realized where I was being planted when I said "I do," what I know now is there's no better person to grow exactly what she wants than the wife of a farmer.