Meet Kate

Kate w hello.png

I am the worst at small talk. 

I am the queen of awkward silence.

And I can do quite a number on first impressions.

But once we get past that, somehow, the door always swings right from "hello" to "here's my entire life story." Because for as long as I can remember, I've wanted to hear more - the whole truth - and I've learned that once people feel heard, well there's just no stopping it.

There's something powerful in hearing others share aloud what you can see has only been said internally. I want the stories I see behind the eyes, all the feels and everything in between. Over time, I've learned that's the sweet spot of life: the inside out.

So here we are, in this space that has shifted just as drastically as I have over the years. 

And while I'm just your ordinary farmer's wife, I don't for one second believe that there's not extraordinary stuck in the ordinary of each of us somewhere.

Some days, we may talk farm. Others, you may get my heart on a platter. 

So here's to getting comfortable with being uncomfortable and saying hello to exactly who we are. 

// kate j //