About dirt+heels

I'm Kate, and dirt and heels just happen to be the two things I seem to know most about in this world. 

I've made more mistakes than I can count in my 20+ years of loving Farmer. I still hate harvest, I groan 2 weeks into planting season, and I know exactly what it means when he calls right in the middle of bedtime (he needs a ride to change fields, in case you were wondering). 

One of the earliest mistakes I made, though, was feeling like I had to specialize in field deliveries out the Betty Crocker cookbook and manage a mean Quickbooks.


You see, I had it in my mind, that all the very best farm wives have a secret meatloaf sandwich recipe and never lose a grain contract ... that my jeans must have pocket stitching and my boots must be rodeo-ready. I had somehow put it in my own head that in order for me to be there for him, I had to become not only something I wasn't but also something I didn't want to become. 

And, as it turns out, I couldn't have been more wrong. 

So here we are, 10 years into farm wife life, and blog number - oh let's say 7 (yes, I have an online identity crisis).

My mother-in-law still has the Betty Crocker situation covered (thank God!). I'm learning to hand over my hate of Quickbooks (good riddance!). And now seemed as good a time as any to dust off the heels that have gotten a little too much dirt these last few years. 

After all, when you know your life has its highest yields in those extra three inches, why even bother with a pair of flats.